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Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony

‘Being new parents just puts your whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.’

Naming Ceremony

This is a great alternative to christenings and faith-based naming ceremonies. The ceremony itself can be fun, unconventional, and a mixture of faith elements, if you want. The ceremony will be written just for you and will reflect your lives and beliefs. Filled with joy and love, a naming ceremony is a perfect way to celebrate the birth of your child and formally introduce them to your family and friends.​

A baby naming ceremony creates a special occasion to formally recognise people that you have chosen to have a special role in your child's life. It may be more meaningful to your chosen Guideparents if they are not religious and would not feel comfortable standing up in a church to make promises that are not true to them and their beliefs. 

There are lots of creative ways to celebrate your baby and to name them in front of those you love! We can discuss music choices and have special readings or poems.

Some people like to have some symbolic elements such as lighting candles or planting a tree - hand-written messages placed in a sealed box from everyone at the ceremony that can be opened on your baby's 21st birthday! 

Get in touch and let's discuss your baby's ceremony.​

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Adoption Ceremony

An Adoption Ceremony allows you to welcome them into the family and to show how special and loved they are. You can make lifelong promises to your new child and get friends and family, including those you have chosen to be Guideparents or have a special guardianship role, to do the same. Working together we can plan a unique and individual celebration that will be remembered forever. ​

Adult Naming Ceremony

Adults may also want to mark a change of name after a divorce or a change in a family situation, or maybe they have changed gender. During these very personal ceremonies, a person is welcomed into the family and promised support by family and friends.